Best Bitcoin Games | About & Terms of Use

About this website

Why this website?

Well, why not? We actually wanted to make a directory of Bitcoin/altcoin gaming websites for our personal use, to have everything nicely organized in one place. After that we asked ourselves why not share it with other people looking for this information, and if possible get some crypto pocket money as a reward.

Who are you?

We are just regular guys who got involved in cryptocurrencies few years ago, and love everything about it: the idea, the usage, the ecosystem, the philosophy... We had a chance to test most of the websites here, play games for Bitcoin (win some, lose some).

How is it different from other similar websites?

In short, we want to do it simpler and better. We are aware that there are some similar websites, but unfortunately lots of them don't seem to be active at all. They offer old and obsolete links to websites that don't even exist or work any more. Other thing that we will take care of is protection of our visitors: we will be active in crypto community forums, on social networks, and we will read all messages sent to us - especially taking care of community warnings if some of advertised websites are suspicious and people have their doubts about them. If such websites are proven to be misleading, cheating or unfair in any other way, we will remove them (or even better - place them in separate category "approach with care"?). We will listen to community, that's for sure.

Is this all you got?

Not at all. We needed to get started somewhere, right? Our future development will probably depend on feedback from people in forums and social networks. We plan to add and remove websites regularly. We already have plans for additional features, like public voting for favorite sites, comments etc.

Terms of use

Rule #1 - careful with your coins

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for "real" money, and they can be used to purchase various goods and services. Because of that, unfortunately it's not rare that there are people who want to take your Bitcoins in an unfair way. That's why you should be very careful with how you use it. In general, you should always check for feedback about certain website before sending your Bitcoins to them. If something is suspicious to you, you should just walk away from it. Keep your Bitcoins in a safe place (local wallet with encryption), make backup copies of your wallets, never keep your funds on online service because they tend to be hacked, etc.

Rule #2 - know when to stop

As we are advertising lots of Bitcoin gambling and betting sites, but you should be aware that some of those games can be very addictive. It is your own responsibility to define a stopping point. We've won lots of times in such sites, but also lost a lot. Don't blame us if you push it over the edge. Anyways, we wish you good luck and have fun playing!

Rule #3 - legal stuff

We have already warned you in pop-up window that you have to be at least 18 years old (or whatever is considered a "grown up" age in your country) to use this website. Also, if Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are not legal in place of your residence, you shouldn't be messing with it or any of websites advertised here.