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The Best Things In Life Start With The Letter B

Nothing better than a word starting with the letter ‘b’. This letter has given us words like ‘bitcoin’, ‘best’, ‘beer’, ‘burgers’, ‘bacon’, ‘boobs’, ‘bonuses’, and of course, BetChain! To celebrate the letter ‘b’, BetChain has restructured its welcome bonus to provide a better gaming experience for its clients. Come and join BetChain as it releases its brand new 100% + 50 Free Spin welcome bonus, and join the believers who know that the greatest jackpot in online gaming history is right around the corner.

In order to be able to enjoy your welcome bonus, you just have to make a deposit, and you will immediately see your 100% + 50 Free Spin credit on your account. This bonus is good for any deposit up to 1BTC/$100/€100. So make sure you sign up and get your big bonus bringing you a record breaking bitcoin jackpot before someone else beats you to it!

Bring your bitcoin winnings to the next level by taking advantage of all the other great bonuses that BetChain has to offer beyond the welcome bonus. Once your account is up and running, our incredible customer care staff will keep hitting you with huge b’s every day of the week. Get your hands on the third deposit bonus, or on our early bird special. You can even get the happy hour and the night owl bonuses to give you all the boosters necessary for you to hit those jackpots.

Remember, all you have to do is login and deposit. BetChain will give you that great 100% + 50 Free Spin bonus, and will keep all the other bonuses coming your way. So what are you waiting for? You know that there is no better time than now to start winning big, so bring your hand over to the mouse and start billing those jackpots!

Betchain go for the Gold

BetChain Is Bringing Olympic Gold Right To Your Screen!

Usually, when you spin you do it for the jackpot. BetChain is upping the ante, bringing you a chance to score Olympic Gold together with the jackpots! As the competition is set to start in Rio, BetChain has decided to hold its own games so that you can get on that podium yourself. Spin faster, get higher rewards and win stronger! Get your gold and all the Olympic glory on BetChain during the Rio Olympics, and step on that podium every day!

To compete all you need to do is spin your favorite slot over and over again until the judges rule that you have established a new world record that day! The judges will count wagers on every slot on a daily basis, and if you were the most athletic spinner of the day you could step on the podium to win one of the following prizes:

  • Gold Medalist – 50mBTC or €15.
  • Silver Medalist – 10mBTC or €10.
  • Bronze Medalist – 5mBTC or €5.

Getting on the podium is only the beginning of your journey to Olympic glory. If you score a gold medal on any given day, and you announce it to the world by writing “Going for the gold on BetChain” on Bitcointalk, we will give you an additional 10 Free Spins. And just because the Olympics are here to raise the bar even higher, we will crown a BetChain Grand Gold winner by the time the closing ceremony is on:

The player with the most slot wagers during the Olympics will get our very own Grand Gold prize. Grand gold comes with a brand new iPad for FREE!

So are you ready to get on that podium, hit those jackpots and play for grand gold? Get yourselves ready for the great Olympic event at BetChain, from August 5th until August 21st, 2016. Go for glory, go for gold, and keep all the jackpots you hit along the way, with BetChain’s own Olympic Gold competition!

*This offer is subject to standard terms and conditions. Prizes will be distributed in the currency of the wager.

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How to win nearly 10 BTC in one spin?

What can be better than a good big win for a casino player? We are glad to share the winner's joy with you. One of honorable players at 7BitCasino, mr. Dennis E. have recently shared with us his impressions from winning almost 10 BTC in one spin while he played the game Platinum Lightning!

“The 4th and the 5th Scatter somehow came sooooo from nowhere and quickly that at first point I even did not understood that I witnessed a very rare combination. And there is no other word to explain something.. The feeling was just UNBELIEVABLE and UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING and REAL!”

Woooho! That's a spirit! Thank's for sharing your special moment with us, Dennis!

7BitCasino Big Win

Why players choose to play at 7BitCasino?

Trust is essential in the on-line gambling business. With all sorts of scams around web, it makes it hard to be sure whether the on-line casino is trustworthy or not. 7BitCasino has proven its credibility not only with words but with deeds. In order to show the discreetness and transparency of the gaming process, the house offers an option to check a game with provability widget.

How it works?

Before each round of the game, a player has a chance to verify the fairness of the game. For that, the house offers a fingerprint of the round, which is basically a unique combination of an outcome of the round plus a randomly generated secret number. Finally, this combination is hashed with SHA-256 Hashing Algorithm. This creates a fingerprint that is unique to that exact round and a Secret seed, so you can use this later to verify the game. At this moment you can enter your clients’ seed. After the round is over, we show you the input, so you can clearly see that our games are as fair as the ones you can play in the real Las-Vegas casino.

7BitCasino cooperates only with the high-end game providers, which proved to be solid and trustworthy. Fair play was remarked with Askgamblers certificate of trust and high ratings on respected casino review web-sites. To ensure players security, the house offers an option to manage players balance with limits, designed to keep patrons from overspending.

Player won over 95 Bitcoin at Bitstarz casino!

Player breaks single win record at BitStarz, takes home over 95 BTC

Monday, September 14, 2015, marks another momentous occasion at BitStarz Casino. The irony being that this time the winner uses the nickname "badwinner."

A mere three days after registering, this lucky player has managed to break another record for a single win with the online Bitcoin Casino.

BitStarz is once again pulling out all the stops paying out a whopping 95.106 BTC, (over €20,000). All this while playing the featured Amatic Slot, Lucky Coin. His total wins surpassed 140 Bitcoins and becomes the second colossal win at the online casino in just a few days.

With BitStarz, having now the record broken twice in just a few days, this hybrid, multi-currency Online Casino, has thrust itself into the spotlight once again, and proven that they are a serious contender in this ever growing online industry.

Sasha Jade, the Marketing Manager at BitStarz, had this to say: "Once again we are able to see the life of one of our valued members change in such a positive way. What was really surprising was the amount won, which far exceeded our top win, becoming the greatest single win we have had at our casino so far. Our hard work has being paying off and we continue to be able to offer a great experience for our members while maintaining the highest level of service, support and games."

BitStarz got in touch with this lucky winner, his story has of course left us all in awe: "I was at a restaurant and when the 5 scatters came up, I jumped out of my seat!". I was blown away! I will use the money to upgrade to a newer car and will print and frame the winning round to have as a trophy on my wall!"

Big win on Bitstarz casino!

Turn €200 into a massive win of €51,438. How? BitStarz Has Made it Possible

Friday, August 28, 2015 - A casino player has won a never-seen-before windfall of €51,438 (over 253 BTC) after making a first deposit of €200. Lucky player has managed to crash the record for the highest solo win in

BitStarz hybrid online casino, where players can play with euro and bitcoins.

The biggest star of BitStarz to date, Rebecca seems like the very personification of Lady Luck and has also won the official esteemed title of being the highest winning player on the fast-growing online gaming portal.

Rebecca played several slot games on BitStarz with an initial deposit of €200 and over the next two days managed to pile on that deposit, winning a stunning €51,438 after claiming a series of winnings in possibly the most memorable moments in her life.

So how did she feel after this amazing brush with destiny? As it is to be imagined, Rebecca is thrilled with her winnings and summed up her feelings and thoughts in just some short words. She said, "I can hardly believe it! After my first and single deposit on the casino, I hit this big! I have never won anything, this is amazing!”

Rebecca proved to be quite lucky on a number of slot games, especially the ones from the well-known game provider Microgaming. For instance at SuperNova she has hit an awesome Mega Win of €16,500. Playboy, Goldilocks and the Wild Bear and Jurassic Park were particularly generous, with €10,100, €9,030 and €5,110 payouts respectively.

Marketing Manager of BitStarz, Sasha Jade is very excited, “It’s great for BitStarz to bring forward such happy momentsб but even better to be acknowledged for such a juicy payout. We work extremely hard to deliver online entertainment with big payouts and the fastest withdrawals.

Such wins go straight to what we hope to offer our customer, a place where they can “Dream Big, Win Bigger” – which just became reality for a lucky player.”

Bitstarz is an innovative Bitcoin gaming portal that has quickly risen among the ranks of its competitors to become one of the leading online gaming sites. You will always find new and stimulating games here and the opportunity to play in a hybrid multi-currency world that is all too exciting.

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Bitcoin guide by 7bitcasino


In contrast to printed paper money and coins made of metal, Bitcoin is a kind of electronic cash that exists on the World Wide Web in electronic form and is produced by a great number of Internet users all over the world. They use special software and the computational power of their equipment for creating and processing this digital currency also called cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the first successful example of the decentralized currency of this type; meaning it doesn’t have a regulatory body. It holds key positions in the fast-evolving digital money movement and remains the focus of media attention.


Before starting to use Bitcoins, you need to provide a place for holding the electronic cash. For this purpose, you need to choose from various digital wallets optimized for using bitcoins. There are several convenient and easy to use online wallets.


While traditional types of transfers often suffer from delays and aren’t protected from human error, the Bitcoin network allows fast and automated processing of payments that never make you wait for a transfer. The transfers from Australia to Canada take no more than 10 minutes and if you choose ‘zero confirmations’, the money transfer is carried out iinstantaneously . Neither a bank, with its slow-going processes, nor the all-too-common human factor can prevent you from making a payment as fast as possible.


It is unlikely that you enjoy paying a fee for money transfers even when it is relatively low. One of the main distinctive features of the Bitcoin system is zero fee transactions. You can pay a fee voluntarily with the aim of speeding up the processing time. Even in this case, it is much lower compared to that of wire transfers or other online payment systems.


Since every bank has an owner, you and your funds become dependent on someone else’s interests; though you may not suffer from this dependence until the time comes. Bitcoin is a free system based on open-source software maintained by a community of independent developers all around the world. Enjoy the freedom of spending Bitcoins anywhere you like without worrying about somebody taking advantage of his position to steal your winnings.


When paying for online purchases with credit cards, you are required to disclose some personal information like a credit card number and so on. It can be intercepted by fraudsters who will be able to use this information for stealing your money. Using Bitcoins protects you from exposure of your personal information and provides the highest level of anonymity by ensuring an absence of a connection between the wallet and the user. Note, that for the protection of Bitcoin transactions cutting edge encryption is used; which is also in service in governmental and military systems. So, nobody can lay a hand on your funds as long as you follow the guidelines set by your wallet.


Sometimes you need your transactions to be really private and in this case there can be no other option like Bitcoins. Yes, in the system you make transactions publicly on the block chain, but this discloses only the data about the amount of Bitcoins moved and about the address they were transferred to. When paying with a credit card you leave a clear paper trail leading directly to your name, so you can’t really hide the information about where you spend the money.

To put it in a nutshell, you are free to spend your Bitcoins whenever and wherever you like, enjoying the ultimate anonymity. And this digital currency is especially useful for those who choose to deposit at a Bitcoin casino!